Weekly Update - 28th October

Dear sisters and brothers

Attached, as always, are the notices and words for this coming Sunday.  I have also included a brief report of our latest Kirk Session meeting.  This Sunday we will be thinking about and celebrating Communion together, and then on Tuesday we have the next of our joint meetings with the congregations that will be part of our future under the Presbytery Plan.  This Tuesday's gathering is at 7.30pm in St Columba's Church and we are offering lifts to anyone who needs one - please ask.  I can't stress enough how important I think these times together are and I want to encourage you to come.

On Sunday 6th November there will be a “bring and share lunch” after the service in Cairncry Community Centre in order to say goodbye to Bill and Vanda Noble who are moving to Edinburgh after six years with us in Stockethill.  There will also be a chance to give thanks for their time with us and say goodbye at the Woodhill Court service that morning.  Whilst we are excited for them as they embark on this new stage of life, we are also sorry to see them go.  Bill and Vanda have made a big impact upon the church.  Leading worship together at Woodhill Court and in the Centre has perhaps been the most public thing they have done, but together and apart they have been willing to serve in a myriad of different ways.  Of course, Vanda has served us as an elder, has preached regularly and has given care and support to many in the congregation.  Bill has been faithful in serving in the background, often dong the unseen jobs, and I know many have benefited from his practical skills and willingness to get stuck in and help wherever he could.

Sarah and I celebrate 23 years of ministering in Stockethill today, and as I look back over those years I am incredibly grateful for the hundreds of people who have been part of Stockethill Church during that time.  Each one has brought something valuable to the church and has been an important part of our life together.  Some have played very public roles or been the sort of person everyone knows: if I mentioned their names those of you who have been part of the church for a while will know exactly who I am talking about.  Others have been much quieter and it might take a while to recall them.  And yet even this week I heard of one person in the church whose quiet and unseen ministry is a great blessing on more people than even I know.

It reminds me of the unnamed woman in Matthew 26 who, when she simply wanted to show her love for Jesus, was dismissed as unimportant and even foolish by his followers.  As Jesus promised, however, what she did that day continues to be “told in memory of her” as she exemplifies and encourages us to give our all for him.  Her story reminds us that simple acts of love can have a far greater result than we can imagine and that the part we play in God’s story is just as important as anyone else’s.

Perhaps today is a good day to look back over the years and give thanks for the influence that others have had upon us and the part that they have played in our lives and in the church.  It is also a good day to ask God how we might serve and play our small part.  We might think that what we have to offer is only a little, but God can use that to be a great blessing upon many.

If you are able to join us on the 6th November either at Cairncry or Woodhill Court (or both!) that would be great.  If you haven’t been to a service for a while you would be very welcome anytime.  And whether you can join us or not, your being a part of the Stockethill Church family is very important.

With love from Sarah and myself,



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