Weekly Update - 12th May

Good afternoon everyone
If you've not made it to one of our services recently, can I encourage you to come if you are able.  Firstly, this Sunday is a communion service.  Secondly, there's a soup and roll lunch afterwards.  Thirdly, there'll also be a short meeting to look at the church finances and one or two other things.  And fourthly, we miss you and would love to see you.
If you have been recently, then can I encourage you to come for the exact same reasons.  And if you are unable to come, we also miss you and I've attached the words and notices, as always, so that you can join us online if you can.
Bless you

Rev. Ian Aitken

52 Ashgrove Road West
AB16 5EE
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Aberdeen: Stockethill Church of Scotland
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