Weekly Update - 27th May

Dear sisters and brothers

In our Community Service service last Sunday we were joined by Su van der Plass who works for the Samuel Trust.  As you may know, The Samuel Trust was set up by a number of churches, including our own, a few years ago to reach out to children in our area.  It continues to be supported and run by ourselves and our friends at the Mission church.

Su told us about the four after school “Sam’s Clubs” that are run by her, her co-worker John and a small group of volunteers.  She told us about the work that was done throughout the pandemic to help children and their families, and how the involvement that they had previously in local schools was beginning to happen again.  She told us about some of the practical assistance that they have been able to give to families in need.  She told us some stories about the impact that all of this was having on the lives of the children.  All in all, it was very encouraging.

It is often lamented that children aren’t involved with churches as much as they used to be, and that is certainly true.  And yet, as the stories from Sam’s show, we can still have a positive impact on the next generation.  Just this week I had a message from a young man who came to our church for a while when he was younger.  He wrote to tell me that he had started attending a church and was becoming more committed to his faith.  What a great encouragement that was to hear.

A few years ago I discovered that when I was still at school some of my Christian classmates were praying for me to become a Christian, and they shared that desire with their minister who also began to pray for me.  Years later when I came to Stockethill I got to know that same minister who has gone on to become a great friend and mentor.  It was only after years of friendship that we discovered he had been praying for me when I was still at school.  Prayer is the greatest influence that we can have on the next generation and we never know how and when those prayers will bear fruit.

So are you praying for the children in your life; the children in your street; the children in our neighbourhood and the children in our church?  In Psalm 145:4 the psalmist writes: “One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.”   Even if we have little opportunity to pass on our faith to the next generation let’s be praying for them. And let’s be praying for the work of Sams and other such organisations such as Scripture Union; for Su, John and the other volunteers; for the parents in our church; and for the children.  

As always I continue to keep you in my prayers.  Do let me know if I can be praying for you or helping you in any way. Finally,, this coming Sunday is our church annual meeting following the service in the Centre.  Please do try and join us either in person or online.

With love from Sarah and myself,

Rev. Ian Aitken

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