Weekly Update - 18th December

Dear sisters and brothers

Getting the Christmas edition of the Radio Times is a bit of a tradition in our house: certainly it is the only time that we buy the magazine and when it’s brought home we each take time pouring over it to see what Christmas films and ‘specials’ are on this year (and soon realise that it’s pretty much the same as was on last year).  Each of our families probably has their own little traditions that have grown up over time, but this year of course we’re all having to give up many of those traditions as we spend a Christmas like no other.   There are many people who find Christmas hard at the best of times, but most if not all of us will no doubt hope that we never have to spend another Christmas under the sort of restrictions and with the sort of anxieties that this one holds.

That is why our theme for our advent services this year has been “light”. We’ve remembered the words of prophet Isaiah: those who walked in darkness have seen great light.  We’ve looked forward to the vision in the apostle John’s Revelation of a time when God will be the light we all live by.  We’ve thought about the Psalmist’s claim that the word of God is a lamp to our path guiding our way.  And, of course, we’ve remembered that Jesus is the light of the world.  However dark things may seem, in our world, our homes or our hearts – the message of Christmas is one of light shining amongst us to bring us hope.  That message does not change whatever else does and this year, above all years, is perhaps an opportunity for us all to focus more fully upon the good news of Jesus’ birth.  Do you have any Christmas traditions in your family that help you to remember the true meaning of Christmas?   If not, perhaps you could start one this year: pausing to read the gospel story, or to light a candle on Christmas morning and give thanks for the gift of Jesus.  Or you could watch, “Carols from Kings” – Christmas Eve, 5.30, BBC2: I knew the Radio Times would come in handy.

If you would like to join us on Christmas morning for a short service in the Community Centre please book a place beforehand by contacting Hilary Cusiter on 01224 874020 or email hilarycusiter@yahoo.co.uk.  Our other Christmas services are online and the phone and are listed in the enclosed notices.

Please be assured that Sarah and I are keeping you all in our prayers throughout this Christmas season: we truly love and miss you.  May you know the true peace, hope and joy that is found in the birth of Jesus amongst us.

With love from Sarah and myself,

Rev. Ian Aitken

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