Monthly Mailing - 6th October 2023

Dear sisters and brothers

“Have you put your heating on yet?”, is the question which I seem to hear more than any others at the moment.  It’s a simple question but one which symbolises the times we are living through.  We are after-all into October and, following an unusually hot September, the air has definitely turned colder.  The question also reflects the fact that many of us are holding out putting on the heating because of concerns over our fuel bills.  And perhaps we are also aware of the need to cut back on our fuel consumption because of the environmental impact that it has.

These things are not unconnected.  Around the word this has been the hottest year on record, with September in the UK having the largest jump in year on year temperature ever recorded.  And whilst we may have enjoyed the extra warm days, we know that the ‘climate crisis’ is one of the major factors that is making our world an increasingly difficult place to live in and our economy increasingly fragile.

I was asked whether my heating was on yet twice in one day this week, by people simply making polite conversation: once whilst I was in the school having just finished an Assembly with the pupils, and the other time as we waited to start the second session of the new Bible Course being run on Wednesday evenings.  Ironically, in both the Assembly and the Course we were reflecting on the creation story in Genesis chapter 1.  The story of God creating all things, as it is told in the Bible, has much to teach us at these times.  Of course, it reminds us that this world was made by God and was made beautifully: it is precious beyond measure.  It also tells us that we are the ones to whom this precious world was given to look after.  We were given this task because we ourselves are precious in the sight of God – we were made by God out of love and for love.  And “we” means all of us – each and every person has been made by God and therefore is both an object of our care and a partner in our care of all creation.

For some of us putting the heating on is not an option – we just can’t afford to yet.  For others of us, keeping the heating off is not an option – our circumstances are such we need it on.  We each need to make that, and a hundred other decisions, based on our own situation.  But we are all in this together, and so we should not only think of how our actions impact the world around us, but we need to also think about how we can support our neighbours (near and far) when the world has a negative impact them.  We are all in this together, but we are not in it alone.  The God who made the world and each of us has not left us alone.  If we will together seek God’s leading and help, and set ourselves to live according to God’s way, we can be sure of the help of God whatever today or the future may hold.

Sarah and I are having a week’s break from the 7th October.  In the October school holidays, a group from the church are once again running a lunch club for local families.  Then, before we know it, it’ll be November!  But let’s not think about that yet.  For now, stay warm and well, and if we can be of any help, please do ask.  You remain in our prayers.

With love from us both,


Rev. Ian Aitken

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