The Stockethill Story

Our Story

Welcome to the Stockethill Church Story.

In coming to full status, New Stockethill, N.C.D. grew from being three church planters to a sustainable church consisting of seven small groups and three distinct congregations. All this has occurred without the purchase or construction of a church building.

The project works by conducting video interviews of those directly involved in the work, recounting their story and giving their reflections.

These videos can be a valuable resource for those embarking on community focussed church planting. A DVD of the currently existing videos is available on request for a small fee. Please use the contact form on this website.

At the end of the interviewing stage of the project, it is intended that a more accessible condensed version of the story will be created as an introduction and summary for a broader audience.

The Stockethill Story has been funded by the Ministries Council to tell our unique story to wider church.


For any early readers and commenters, do bear in mind that the following pages are still first drafts.

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