Did you find one of our angels? AngelsSmall.jpg

Thanks for visiting our website. We put 270 angels around our community at the beginning of December as part of our advent preparations in the hope that people like you would pick one up and take it home.

We’d love to hear where and when you found your angel. Please use the contact form to let us know.

The Christmas story, as it is told in the Bible, is full of angels. An angel tells Mary that she is going to be the mother of “the saviour” Jesus. When Joseph is sceptical about Mary’s story; it’s an angel that reassures him and explains that all will be well. And, of course, a whole host of angels appear to some shepherds at night singing, “Glory to God and peace on earth”, making them the first to hear that Jesus has been born. At these and other times, angels are God’s messengers of good news.

We could all do with some good news right now: some of us more than others. Hopefully our angel at least made you smile and maybe brightened up your Christmas tree. The birth of Jesus is good news to all because he offers peace, hope, joy and love to everyone.

On Christmas Eve we are putting on a Family Celebration at 6.30pm in Cairncry Community Centre (next to Aldi). Every year lots of people from our neighbourhood come along and we’d love it if you joined us. There’ll be carols, food, drink, and fun: we’ll retell the Christmas story and hear the good news it contains.

Whether we see you there or not, we’re praying that you have a peaceful and good Christmas.

With love from everyone at Stockethill Church.