Weekly Update - 4th June

Dear sisters and brothers

As most of you will know, Sarah is a wonderful writer and singer of worship songs – many of which we use in our services.  When she writes she is normally inspired by two things: the Bible and our experience together as a church.  She takes literally the opening words of psalm 96 – “Sing to the Lord a new song”.  Despite all the hymns and songs that have been written about God, there is always more to say and to adore.  And whilst so often we can find a worship song which seems to express exactly what we want to say to the Lord: be it words of worship, lament, confession, thankfulness, or petition – it’s also true that new songs can express our own unique and collective experience.

But why should we sing songs to the Lord at all?  As someone once asked me – why does God need our worship?  The truth is that God doesn’t need our worship but we need to worship God.  We who are so quick to forget the majesty of God or God’s amazing grace towards us; we who so easily fall into patterns of life that put ourselves first; we who can so easily wander from the path Jesus has set before us – we need to not only remember, but reset our hearts, minds and wills.  Psalm 96 tells us that it is not only right and proper for all people to “ascribe glory to the Lord”, but that the earth, the seas, the fields, the trees and all creation “rejoice before the Lord”.  If we really gave God his proper place, then our hearts would never stop rejoicing and our tongues would never stop singing the praises of God.  When we choose, therefore, to sing our songs to the Lord together, we are not only worshipping God but turning our own hearts heavenwards and calling each other to do the same.

After 15 months we can at last sing God’s praise together again.  Apart from the joy of being able to do that, it also means that we will make some changes to the services we are holding on a Sunday (which also takes into account the fact that Sarah and I will be on holiday in late June and early July).  Sunday morning services in the Community Centre will resume from the middle of July.  We hope that this service will continue to be broadcast on YouTube and on the phones, as numbers able to attend will still be limited.  Whilst we are on holiday there will only be an online service in the morning and our afternoon services will cease.

I want to encourage you to attend the morning service if at all possible.  As a church we are meant to meet together and we are all the poorer when we do not.  The great example of that is that we are all called to gather together around the Lord’s Table in communion and there will be a communion service in the Centre at our last afternoon service on the 13th July.  As Psalm 96 was written for congregations to sing – let as meet as a congregation to praise the Lord.

The other great calling on the Church (alongside loving God and each other) is to love our neighbours.  One of the ways we are going to do practically do that is through a Community Litter Pick on Wednesday 16th June.  Please do sign up to get involved in what we hope will be the first of many such events.  The information about this and everything else happening in the church is in the enclosed leaflet.

With love from Sarah and myself,


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