Weekly Update - 30th April

Dear sisters and brothers

This week saw the next steps in the cautious lifting of the restrictions that we have been living under for the last few months.  For some it is the opportunity to go shopping for something other than essentials that they are most looking forward to.  Others are hoping to take advantage of the re-opening of galleries or gyms.  And for yet others they are looking forward to the chance to meet up with someone in a café, restaurant or bar.  Of course, many are content to wait just a little bit longer before going out in public any more than they have to.

For me the opportunity to meet around a table or over a cup of tea is perhaps the most significant.  There is something about sharing a meal or a coffee with another person which allows you to spend time with them in an important way.  The conversation can ebb and flow, you can be properly attentive to one another, and even sit in the sort of silence that comes from truly being with each other.  At the moment the opportunities for such meetings are still limited (only people from 2 households can meet) and it’ll be another 3 weeks before we’re able to offer each other a cup of tea in our homes, but it will be good to be able to do this again.

Perhaps it is because eating and drinking together are so important, that Jesus commanded us to eat and drink in the Lord’s Supper.  Certainly Jesus is with us in a very particular way when we share the bread and wine of Communion; and we are together in an equally important way.  That isn’t to say that Jesus isn’t with us at all times.  Rather, just as sitting down for a meal with family and friends allows us to be ‘with each other’ in a very significant way, so gathering around the table of the Lord to receive the bread and wine which Jesus said was his body and blood, brings us into his presence and all the goodness and grace that he has to offer us.

Our opportunities to share in the Lord’s Supper have been very limited over the last year, but this coming Sunday our afternoon service will be a Communion service.  I realise that many are not yet ready or able to come to these services, but for those who can I would encourage you to attend.  For all of us though it is important to remember that Jesus is with us at all times, and to be aware of his presence.  Perhaps one good way of doing that is to pause before the main meal of the day to welcome him and thank him for what he has blessed you with.  This simple act, on your own or as a family, is one way of deepening your friendship with the Lord.

May your love abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ – to the glory and praise of God. (Philippians 1:9-11)

With love from Sarah and myself,  

Rev. Ian Aitken

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