Weekly Update - 27th August

Dear sisters and brothers

Over the years I’ve enjoyed a wonderful working relationship Cornhill Primary School.  For the last 18 months, of course, I haven’t been able to even enter the building and as the new term begins, they are still unable to welcome people from outside the school community.  But that’s not to say that I haven’t been able to be involved with the children.  Throughout lockdown I’ve been able to supply video lessons and assemblies.  The workers and volunteers from Sams (our children’s charity) have also been busy – not least this summer – running holiday clubs, play sessions and events.  In my correspondence with the deputy head teacher this week, however, I discovered that four members of staff had been on maternity leave and returned to work during this time; two others are still expecting.  Six babies have come into the world!

Life goes on; children grow; we change (and grow older) – whatever the circumstances we find ourselves in.  As we emerge from this strange time we’ll find that things have both changed and stayed the same.   And that is true of God.  The Bible tells us that God is eternally the same and unchanging; and yet the Bible is the story of the relationship between God and people – and that relationship is ever changing.  As our lives go on we discover more about God and our relationship with God grows and develops.  Sometimes God seems far away – at other times intimately close.  Like the ‘new normal’ we find ourselves in, that can be disconcerting and at times difficult to keep up with.  You might feel that things have passed you by; or that you have missed out or lost something in these last months.  One way to deal with this, and all life’s ups and downs, is to make space for worship – the regular remembering of who God is revealed to be and, with thanksgiving, setting our lives in light of that revelation.  Take time to worship the Lord.

With the current easing of Covid restrictions we are making some changes ourselves.  Firstly, from the beginning of September, my weekly letter will move to fortnightly, with the prospect of it moving to monthly in the future.  I’m grateful for the many words of appreciation that I’ve received in response to these letters and I know that for some, at least, during the worst of the lockdown, they were very important.  But the Kirk Session and I feel, for a number of reasons, that it would be reasonable to reduce their frequency now.  If you still want to receive the Words for Worship each week, please let me know.

We are also removing the need to pre-book a place at our Sunday services in the Community Centre.  The easing of restrictions allows us to welcome as many as would like to come, but please be re-assured that we will continue to maintain a degree of social distancing and other measures to keep everyone safe.

From the 5th of September our weekly prayer meeting will move to a Sunday evening at 6.30pm, although it will remain online for the time being.  Details of all these changes are enclosed.  We are also in the process of organising for services to begin again in Woodhill Court and Stocket Grange as soon as we can.

Finally, this Sunday is a Communion Service and we will be taking an offering for Sisterland – the project in Sierra Leonne which we have supported as a church for a number of years.  A newsletter from Sisterland is enclosed.   You can contribute to Sisterland either through the church (by contacting myself or the treasurer) or directly through their website here: www.sisterland.org .

With love from Sarah and myself,


Rev. Ian Aitken

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